What is Bridge Deal Manager?

Main window

What it’s for

BDM is designed for Bridge tutors to maintain organized sets of Bridge deals. You can import deals from elsewhere, or easily design your own.

What it does

BDM displays your folders and deals in an intuitive user interface, where you can create and edit deals, generate MS Word reports and export for duplimation.

Main Uses

The main uses are in the preparation and maintenance of teaching materials. You can:

  • Manually design deals, and optionally add commentary, for primary tuition, practicals or bidding practice.
  • Import deals from elsewhere and add your own (or paste existing) commentary.
  • Use the deal generation function and deal utility functions to create, review, prune and reorganize a set of deals.
  • Maintain standard sets of deals on specific subjects as part of an entire course.
  • Easily copy deals on disparate subjects from different folders to create an end-of-term review practical.
  • Easily export a deal set for duplimation.

But here are some other things you can use it for:

  • Import a deal set and add analysis to create hand commentaries for events.
  • Maintain a set of interesting hands. Perhaps your own exploits at the table or instructive deals you were involved in.
  • Create a quiz.
  • Manually enter a deal that you saw that is not available in electronic form.
  • Design output for web pages.
  • You might even be able to use it as a huge help in writing a book!

What it doesn’t do

BDM helps you teach Bridge to others. It doesn’t teach Bridge itself.

It records bidding that you enter in a user-friendly auction table, but there is no facility for recording the card play other than your textual commentary.