The dimensions and font size of the main window can be set by the user, and are remembered when the program is closed and restarted.

Deals Tab

The Deals tab has three panels:

Folder Tree

Deals are kept in folders. These have a hierarchical tree structure just like the directory pane in Windows File Explorer. This allows you to organize deals into a logical arrangement. Here is an example folder tree:


Only one folder can be selected at a time. You can navigate the tree with keyboard or mouse, just as you would in the File Explorer directory tree pane. You can collapse or expand a folder with + or -, and expand all children with *.

The folders are maintained in a user-specified order within their parent. You can move the selected folder up or down within its parent with the Move Up and Move Down buttons. You can also drag a folder to a different parent.

You can right-click a folder to pop up a ‘context menu’, which contains a similar set of functions to the menu bar. It includes a cut and paste alternative to folder dragging. There are also options to delete an entire folder sub-tree, to empty a folder, and to move the folder to the top level.

There is a ‘split bar’ between the folder tree and the deal list, to adjust their widths. The setting is remembered when the program is closed and restarted, as are the expansion state of all folders, and the current folder selection.

The entire folder tree can be toggled off and on with Ctrl-F.

Deal List

The deal list shows the deals in the currently selected folder. The deal titles are used. A deal with no title is shown as Deal nn, where nn is the board number.

Multiple deals can be selected with the keyboard or mouse, as in File Explorer’s directory contents pane. You can use Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down and Ctrl-A. (Though some of Explorer’s weirder operation has been replaced with more intuitive behaviour.)

Deals are maintained in a user-defined order within the folder. You can move a selected deal up or down with the Move Up and Move Down buttons. You can drag a selection of deals to move them within the folder. An insertion point is displayed so that you can see where the selection would be dropped. You can also drag selected deals to another folder to move or copy them. (Use the Ctrl key when dropping to copy.)

When you change the folder selection, the program moves to the most recently selected deal in the newly selected folder.

As above, there is a ‘split bar’ between the folder tree and the deal list, to adjust their widths. The setting is remembered when the program is closed and restarted.

Deal Detail

The deal detail panel shows details of the currently selected deal. The panel is disabled if no deal is selected. It is also disabled when multiple deals are selected, and details from the topmost deal are shown.

The detail represents the user-selectable and user-editable fields that define and annotate the deal. See the documentation for Deals.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab contains a few user settings that affect the display and behaviour of the program, such as the font size. It also has icons and buttons for less-used functionality, such as backup and report format management.

Trace Tab

The Trace tab is not normally visible unless the program has diagnostic messages to display. It would then contain information useful for problem resolution.

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the main window contains a permanent display of the licence subscription status. It also displays warning or error messages if the deal has irregular or invalid card counts. See the documentation for Deals.