Current version of BDM (see below for more downloads):

Major functionality change, and defect corrections.

  • Modified functionality of Ctrl-Rotate.
  • Several significant defect corrections.

How To Install

Download the zip file, extract it and follow the instructions in the Installation Notes document.

See the Installation page for an important note about the Windows security check for downloaded programs.


You need a licence subscription to use Bridge Deal Manager. The subscription is for the software to be used per PC for the period of the licence term. If BDM is started with no active subscription, then you get the opportunity to acquire a 28-day evaluation licence for the device. This allows you to start using the product immediately with unrestricted functionality, and later get a full licence. Purchase a licence.

A licence can be purchased for multiple PCs. But this is purely for the convenience of using a single licence rather than many – it does not enable you to directly share data. See Licence For Multiple PCs for important information and purchasing.

Previous versions of BDM:

Defect correction.

  • Application errors on startup when no default report is set.

Minor functionality enhancements to HTML report output.

This release mostly corresponds to major changes in the licensing server. There is no new functionality.

Major functionality enhancement:

  • New feature for full (recursive) HTML Report file generation. Using Shift while generating HTML from the folder menu creates an XML file for the whole folder node recursively. This is designed to be imported into WordPress with the BDM Import plugin.

Minor functionality enhancement:

  • Shift key while generating HTML for a (single) deal copies the <body> inner HTML to the clipboard rather than generating a file.

Minor defect correction:

  • Exception from Utility form when updating board number from first board when there are no boards to update.

Minor defect correction.

  • Alphabetic suit representation in reports should use same font as the rest of the paragraph.

Significant issues with PBN import have been resolved.

WordPress Plugins

Plugin to enable import from a full (recursive) HTML Report file.