Download the zip file, extract it and follow the instructions in the Installation Notes document.

Important Note

Microsoft have introduced a new security system for installing programs downloaded from the internet. It is based on ‘reputation’ and relies on the number of previous unproblematic installations. This makes it extremely difficult for new small-scale software like BDM. Large-scale software providers can subscribe to a special kind of validation certificate, but they are expensive. So, the simple procedure to override the security check is as follow:

Security dialog

If you get the “Windows protected your PC” message, then click “More info”.

Security dialog with option to run anyway

The dialog will change. Select the ‘Run anyway’ option and the installation will then proceed normally.

Further Details

Unless advised otherwise in the Installation Notes, user data is not affected when BDM is uninstalled or when a new version is installed. All the deal folders and deals are preserved. All the user settings are also preserved, such as previous import/export folders.

Occasionally a new version will have a modified database structure, but this will always be highlighted in the Installation Notes. Mostly an automated conversion is provided: on first execution, the user is presented with an upgrade confirmation message.

Licensing is also designed to be seamless during re-installation. The previously stored validation request is used, and even if not found, the re-validation will succeed because the subscription is based on hardware identity. See the Download page for reinstallation on different hardware.