You need a licence subscription to use Bridge Deal Manager. The subscription is for the software to be used per PC for the period of the licence term. If BDM is started with no active subscription, then you get the opportunity to acquire a 28-day evaluation licence for the device. This allows you to start using the product immediately with unrestricted functionality, and later get a full licence.

Single PC

License BDM for 1 PC for 12 months (£35).
You will receive a payment receipt immediately,
and a licence code later.
Renew existing BDM licence for 1 PC for 12 months (£35).
You will receive a payment receipt immediately,
and a renewal confirmation later.

Multiple PCs

A licence can be purchased for multiple PCs. But this is purely for the convenience of using a single licence rather than many – it does not enable you to directly share data. See Licence For Multiple PCs for important information and purchasing.

Licence Transfer

Subject to fair usage, a full licence subscription is transferable to a different PC. A mechanism is provided to transfer a subscription to a replacement PC, or even simply to change which PC you wish to use for the application. But you must not abuse this facility to keep switching back and forth between devices. If you want to use the software on multiple devices, you should have a licence subscription for each. You can rescind an old PC’s subscription from the new PC. So, you can easily transfer a subscription if the old device is no longer available. You just need the licence code to do this, so you should keep the code secure. The code is not shown on BDM’s licensing management form.

How The Licence Is Checked

BDM checks with an online licensing server for the device’s subscription status. When correctly licensed, it does not check again for seven days (or until the licence expires). If the licensing server cannot be contacted and the last check was successful, then the application continues to work for a further twenty-one days (or until the licence expires). This means that the device only needs to be connected to the internet to check the subscription status once every twenty-eight days. It also means that if you have not run the application for twenty-eight days, then you will need to connect to the internet to use it.

If the application cannot contact the licensing server, there is an independent secondary licensing system with simplified logic that trusts the previous validation response and grants a new twenty-one-day grace period. This means that the application will continue to function when it has not been used for more than twenty-eight days and the primary licensing system is temporarily down for maintenance. But you do need to connect to the internet.

You can enter a new licence code ahead of time. BDM will continue to use the old subscription until it expires, and the licence period for the new licence only starts when needed.


The licensing system has been designed to make the user’s life as easy as possible, but it also actively checks for abuse. If you attempt to unfairly circumvent the licensing, we reserve the right to block your device from using the application, the right to block the device from using the licence, and the right to revoke the licence completely.